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  1. F200 Platemeter

    F200 Platemeter


    Records total height and number of measurements
    Calculates average height and average cover
    User configurable formulae
    30 plonk Beep
    Rechargeable battery - charger included.
    Includes FREE P-Plus Pasture Covers Software

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  2. F300 Platemeter

    F300 Platemeter


    The F300 Electronic Rising Platemeter provides farmers with a reliable and accurate method of measuring pasture within a given range.  It provides a valuable tool for maintaining consistency in the measurement of pasture when undertaken by more than one person, providing a benchmark to reduce variations in visual assessments.

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  3. F400 Platemeter

    F400 Platemeter


    Upload to the F400

    You can upload your paddocks (up to 300), with paddock name, number, size (in hectare),
    last Nitrogen Application Date and rate (feed budget required for this feature)

    Upload up to 10 equations to be used by the F400.
    Upload Previous Covers which are viewable while plonking

    Download from F400 to P-Plus
    Downloads all the collected measurements
    Downloads grazing state per paddock
    Downloads equations used per paddock

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